Saturday, August 29, 2009

OTA Installation of a Blackberry Application

After completing an application the next big step is to install the application OTA(over the air).

The Steps for OTA installation

1. For OTA the cod and jad files will be needed.

2. Sign your cod if required.

3. Now if cod file size is bigger than 64 kb then rename it to *.zip file and try
    to unzip.
    a. If it cannot be unzipped rename it to *.cod, there are no sibling files inside.
    b. If it can be unzipped, delete zip file after it is unzipped.
     Then you will have more than one cod like name.cod, name-1.cod, name-2.code, and so on.

4. Place jad file and all extracted cod files to a folder(for example : ota) on
    your web-site.

5. Now you have to set MIME types for the files.
    a) Inside the folder (ota) that contains jad and cods, create a file with name .htaccess
     please note a dot symbol before the name.
    b) And add the following content to this file and save it.
     AddType text/ jad
     AddType application/java-archive jar
     AddType application/vnd.rim.cod cod

6. Now you are ready to install the application through OTA.

7. Just hit the link of the jad file through the bb browser. It will automatically
    start install the application in the device.


  1. Thanks a lot, finally a straight solution!

  2. I know this was written years ago, but thanks!!!!

  3. From what i have read .htaccess is not for windows. does anyone know how i would do the same thing, just on a windows server?