Saturday, January 9, 2010

How to Deploy any Application on Real Blackberry Devices

First of all the following files are required to install an application into real device.
  a. appName.cod (appName1.cod, appName2.cod, ...)
  b. appName.jad
  c. appName.alx
  d. .htaccess (required for OTA)

An application can be intalled in the real device in two ways.
  a. OTA (Over The Air)
  b. Connecting your device with the PC
      b1. Using Javaloader
      b2. Using Desktop Manager

OTA Installation Process
Check this link.
Connecting your device with the PC
1. First Connect your device through USB.
2. Sign the cod file if required
3. Then you can install your application in the following ways:
    a. Using javaloader:
        i. Goto the JDE bin directory(ex: C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry JDE 4.6.0\bin\).
        ii. copy your cod and jad file there.
        iii. execute the following command from there (you can create a batch file (*.bat) and just click will do )
                javaloader -usb load applicationName.jad           
                javaloader -usb load applicationName.cod
    b. Using Desktop Manager:
        i.  Install destop manager
        ii. place *.alx and *.cod  file in the same directory your *.alx file from desktop manager.
        iv.Then it should start installing the application in the device.

Also check out these videos from Developer Video Library.


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